Due to the rising infection rate by Covid-19,  I wish to prioritize my family's, friends', and my own health and not partake in LDoll as a vendor.


Therefore, I am listing my stock dolls for sale. This time, it's Wrath in grey skin.


  • I have 2 blank dolls available, all already packed up and ready for same-day shipping. 


  • Stock dolls are ready to ship, thus additional customization isn't possible.


  • No layaway accepted for this sale.


  • Wig, eyes, and accessories are not included in the sale.


  • Sale includes:

- strung Blank doll/Face-up doll 


- Pillows


  • Face-up as pictured above. It includes violet-y and blue-ish shimmer. Doesn't include glued eyelashes.





If you'd like to buy a doll on layaway, I will soon announce a pre-order date for both Wrath and Envy in all three skin tones: light, tan, grey.

Wrath [IN STOCK]

Face up


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