What are ball jointed dolls?

If you are new to this hobby, it's only fair if you don't know what these dolls are all about and why they're so expensive. No worries, we've got you covered :) Ball jointed dolls, or BJD for short, are carefully engineered, customizable art dolls predominantly produced and sold in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea). The distinctive feature of these little art pieces is that each doll is casted in polyurethane resin, strung by an elastic string that's held together by small s-hooks in the doll's wrists and ankles. As the name says, the dolls are made to pose thanks to their ball jointed...well, joints :) Ball Jointed Dolls are fully customizable. You can exchange their eyes, wigs or paint their faces and bodies differently, all to your demands. The dolls are handcrafted, casted in in polyurethane resin and polished. Each doll is an individual process and is created with love

What are recasts?

You might have stumbled upon websites that sell Ball Jointed Dolls for a ridiculously low price, but be warned - these are recasts. Usually, doll companies either sell their dolls on their own website or they use certified dealers such as bjdivas, alice's collection, legend doll, dolk, angelesque or denverdoll. These dealers help you get your doll from overseas and, depending on where the dealer is located, save on custom fees or shipping. These are completely legal. Recasters, however, are located in China and sell bootlegs. Sculpting a doll requires a lot of time, dedication and investment. It can not only be expensive, it's also demanding. Every artist pours a large amount of all the above to create a ball jointed doll. Recasters take the short path. They get ahold of the doll, use it to create new silicone moulds and recast the doll multiple times to sell it as their own for profit. Recasts are usually made of cheap and hazardous resin which brittles and flakes easily. The joints don't always match, the limbs can warp and there's no quality control whatsoever. Aside from the price tag, recasters actively hurt the already niche doll hobby. Many artists close down due to lost sales or fear of their cherished work being stolen. Selling bootlegs is illegal in most countries. Recasters do not contribute to it in any way. They do not create their own dolls, they steal from others and make cheap knockoffs to lure in clients. Please don't support art theft. Thank you.

What's the production process of my doll? How long does it take?

Once the order period is finished, my casting company in South Korea begins with the resin casting. It takes up to 60 days before the dolls are sent back to me. I then revise, string and paint them (if requested) which can take up to 14 more days. Finally, the dolls are shipped to you via DHL :).

What sorts of payments do you accept?

I accept PayPal only.

Can I order my doll on layaway?

Absolutely. Layaway is accepted for up to 60 days: - Downpayment on the day of purchase - 1st payment within 30 days from purchase - 2nd payment within 60 days from purchase Please understand that the doll is made for you individually, which means that once paid, the production cost can not be refunded. I kindly seek your understanding.

I wanted to order but couldn't find my country, what now?

If you couldn't find your country in the address menu, simply shoot me a message with your full address at info@dollnoize.com and I will get back to you with a quote :).

Why are your dolls marked as sold out?

Each doll has it's own order period and can be purchased at this time only. If you would like to buy a doll that is currently out of stock, please read the sales description to see when it will be available again :).