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25.07.2021 - 25.09.2021



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    • Height: 51cm
    • Head circumference: 17cm
    • Neck circumference: 9cm
    • Eye size: 10mm
    • Chest circumference:  24,5cm
    • Arm length: 15,5cm
    • Waist circumference: 20cm
    • Hip circumference: 25cm
    • Leg length: 21cm (croth to sole)
    • Thigh circumference: 14cm
    • Ankle circumference: 7cm
    • Butt size: 27cm
    • Foot length: 6,5cm
    • Foot width: 2cm



    Eyes sized at 10mm, with a 3mm iris and 1mm pupil give him the sharp look you see in his pictures :) 


    Need something more speciffic? Write to me: info@dollnoize.com