Limited slots are now taken. If you would still like to pre-order your doll with a face-up, please consider the wait time of additional 20~45 days, thank you ♥) 



Face ups don't include glued eyelashes!

(I just, for the life of me, can't get them to work, I'm sorry)


Tools used:


  • MSC (you can chose between UV cut and regular)
  • Mungyo pastels
  • Faber Castell aquarell pencils
  • TAMIYA Acrylic paints
  • TAMIYA gloss


This price includes a face up as shown on the sales picture. It doesn't include the beauty marks by default but they can be added if wished. Minor changes can be made for free, if you wish to have your doll painted differently, write to me at and we can discuss the price.


Shaved hair as shown in the Wrath and Envy pictures is no longer offered, thank you for your understanding!

Face up

Sales Tax Included